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As everyone knows, the Telefónica Movistar company is one of the best-known telecommunications companies in Latin America. It is in charge of selling mobile phones and chips. In this article we are going to teach how to activate Movistar chip, step by step.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 How to activate Movistar chip?
    • 1.1 Steps
    • 1.2 Do you have mobile phone equipment?
    • 1.3 What to do when you don't have a mobile phone?
  • 2 Movistar chip activation in 4G
  • 3 How to activate a Movistar number?
    • 3.1 New number activation
    • 3.2 Activate inactive number

How to activate Movistar chip?

If users want to be able to call or connect to the Internet, through a mobile phone, from anywhere in the world, as a first step they must have a chip or SIM Card.

It is also necessary to take into account that such chip must be active, here we show you how to activate Movistar chip; it will have to have a number assigned by the telephone operator.

SIM cards or chips are essential or vital accessories for smartphones, in these devices the necessary information that identifies the cell phone customer is stored or saved. This information includes the assigned phone number, contacts or messages of the holder.

If you do not have the proper knowledge of how to activate a Movistar chip or SIM card, then we will explain it in a simple way and step by step.


Regarding this Movistar SIM activation process, we can mention two ways and this will depend on whether or not the user has a mobile device. Below we give the appropriate explanation for each of the cases, namely:

Do you have mobile phone equipment?

  • Acquire your chip: in most countries it can be acquired at any store of a duly authorized agent, in the same way there may be the option via the internet on pages such as Mercado libre and the price will depend clearly on the country or place where be acquired.
  • Identifies the chip: once the package with the chip is opened, it must be verified in what format it is. Generally they come in four different specifications, namely:
  • Mini-SIM: this is the most traditional, it is used in older or low-end models and its size is usually the largest.
  • Micro-SIM: these are the most used and recommended for mobile devices, they were created or developed after the year 2010. It is possible that with the help of a special cutter, it can be removed, cutting a mini-SIM, however this does not It is advisable.

How to Activate Movistar Chip? Easy Guide - VidaBytes (2)

  • Nano-SIM: they are special for cell phones, whose models have been in force since 2013, they are generally high-end. When this model does not come in the package, it must be expressly requested from the authorized agent.
  • Generally the chips come pre-cut so that they can be compatible with Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM. If the cell phone needs Nano-Sim, it will be better to request it directly from the mobile operator just before purchasing the line.
  • Insert the chip: this process must be carried out with the phone turned off and then the place where the chip should be inserted will be verified. Sometimes it is necessary to open the back of the phone and even remove the battery, in order to see the SIM card receiver.
  • In other models of mobile phones, they have said chip receiver on the side of the device, inserted in a very small slot. When we see the receiver, we will be able to know what is the size of the corresponding chip. Commonly it is Mini-SIM or Micro-SIM.
  • Once we have identified the compatible chip, we must look at which direction it should be inserted. Normally, a small diagram is located near the receiver that tells the user how to put it on.
  • Activate the chip: once the chip is inserted and it has been verified that it is in the correct position inside the mobile device, it will be activated as follows:
  • We'll turn on the cell phone.
  • We wait a few seconds, while it is confirmed that it receives the proper signal, with this we will be sure that the chip is placed correctly.
  • Then we proceed to make a call to any local or mobile phone number, it will immediately direct us to a virtual operator.
  • We enter the RUT when the virtual operator requests it.
  • After entering the aforementioned data, the operator will indicate that the request we have made has been registered. In no more than two hours, you will receive a text message confirming the activation of the chip.

What to do when you don't have a mobile phone?

In this case, a series of steps or requirements must also be followed when it comes to being able to activate the chip in the mobile phone, which are:

  • Buy your chip: when you don't have a mobile phone, you can buy a Movistar prepaid pack, which already includes the chip. The above is only for some countries that have such promotions, such as: in Chile, they are sold in prepaid stores.
  • In countries where there are Movistar promotions, with the purchase of a prepaid equipment, Movistar telephony gives credit to make calls, it also gives minutes to preferred numbers and megabytes for internet browsing.
  • It is important to remember that cell phones with an internet browsing capability will use more data once they are automatically activated on the mobile device. To avoid this, the data consumption option must be previously deactivated, so that it does not generate excessive costs.
  • Activate the Prepaid Pack chip: when you have decided to purchase a pack, you have to know how to activate the prepaid Movistar chip, and for this we will do it as follows:
  • We insert the prepaid chip that comes with the pack, however we must remember that the cell phone must be turned off.
  • Next we turn on the cellular equipment.

How to Activate Movistar Chip? Easy Guide - VidaBytes (3)

  • As the last point of the activation process, we will wait a maximum of 24 hours, in order to receive a welcome message, and later it is indicated that the service is already active and you can start enjoying it.
  • Then we will use the new Movistar line as normal.

Movistar chip activation in 4G

It is truly obvious, the fact that in order to activate Movistar SIM card, we must first have it. However, if there are doubts regarding this point, it is recommended that you go to any Movistar authorized point of sale or agent and buy it.

Another important point that requires a lot of attention before purchasing a 4G chip is whether the cell phone is compatible with this technology, otherwise you will be losing both time and money.

When the chip has been purchased, we must install it in the phone, if by any chance we have never carried out this operation, it is not a cause for concern because it is extremely simple.

To do this, we turn off the phone, remove the back cover, locate the slot for the SIM card, insert the chip, put the back cover back in its place and finally turn on the mobile device.

When the phone is turned on, we must be sure that the SIM card will receive the signal from the operator, this is indicative that it has been placed correctly.

How to activate a Movistar number?

Some users have a concern, mostly this happens with Movistar users and is it easy to activate a number? to do?. In relation to this, we must give users peace of mind since the steps to execute this process are usually very simple, below we give the steps to activate a Movistar number.

How to Activate Movistar Chip? Easy Guide - VidaBytes (4)

New number activation

Regarding the activation procedure of a new Movistar telephone number, it is really simple and fast, it is a matter of having a few minutes, for this it is possible that we have the telephone in full function without any type of drawbacks. It is necessary to make a call to the customer service number.

After this, the call center operator will request certain personal data, which will be verified effectively and making sure that we are the real owners of the line. Once this is finished, a period of time will be expected in order to be able to use the new chip.

Activate inactive number

If the intention is to activate a number that has been inactive for some time, it must be addressed personally to an authorized agent or respective Movistar office and we must wait for a customer service employee to assist us. You can also call the customer service number.

However, it is good to clarify that it is convenient that we be attended in an authorized agent office, to receive the proper orientation in case the line problem is due to problems with the chip.

To conclude we can see that the steps to be able to activate a Movistar chip is easy, fast and does not require the investment of so much time to carry out such a process, and in this way to be able to activate the line or chip that we may need to Activate.

We hope that this article can serve as a method of consultation or help guide in this type of concern that is often presented to most users of the different telephone companies that sell chips or telephone lines. For this reason, it is always good to have clear steps regarding how to activate the Movistar chip and those of other companies.

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